Friday, December 31, 2010

December 31,2011

So what happens at the farm on New Years Eve? This year end is very special I have retired from my corporate job in the Twin Cities, no more corporate meetings. So now I sleep in till "noon" yea wright,
I was awake at 2am the day I retired and have not sleep past 4am sense but I aways have been a Farmer and just had a second job in the city.
Now getting down to farming this is what it looks like out there today the high tunnel full of snow.

Here's a look at our Christmas Decorations

So I will celebrate the New Year with smoking a Brisket I enjoy BBQ I was a Member of the Kansas City BBQ society and we competed in a couple cook offs. We took 11th place on Brisket  their were 69 contestants, in Marshall town, Iowa

I have been busy with seed Companies tying to find the best deals and take advantage of early order discounts. Next week we will Butcher a hog and make sausage.