Sunday, January 22, 2012

Our CSA Farm Model for 2012

Country Taste Farm


Community Supported Agriculture
The “Country Taste Farm” model is to provide healthier food alternative direct to the consumer while assuring a market for the highly perishable produce. This relationship between Country Taste Farm and the consumer helps to build a Fresher and healthier local food system, the consumer and the farmer, share in the risk associated with natural farming as well the benefits of a bountiful season.

  The benefits of buying produce directly from a local family farm are many:  Your CSA membership funds stay in the local economy, the farmer uses labor intensive methods and reduced synthetic chemicals, you know where your food is grown, how your food is grown, and you know who handles your food. “KNOW YOUR FARMER KNOW YOUR FOOD” We invite you to visit the Farm, we send out several invitations dates each year to our members and other customers, or you can make an appointment for a special visit.

 With the Country Taste Farm CSA we offer some flexibility with your share, during peak tomatoes and cucumber season we allow you to exchange your weekly mixed share for tomatoes or cucumbers for canning/pickling (please schedule with us in advance).  Something new for this year is that at the end of the season, we will invite all members to participate in on farm end of year final harvest,  Members will  pick all the produce ready to harvest and everyone will share in that total harvest, this will give everyone a bounty of produce for canning.

“Country Taste Farm” has adopted and uses IPM Practices (Integrated Pest Management) on our Farm. Our Pest management Plan has been developed from information that has been provided by The Minnesota Department of Agriculture. Our plan is available on our Blog

Organic Insecticides are used in the production of our vegetables.

“The Country Taste Farm model” is to provide healthier food alternative direct to the consumer, while assuring a market for the highly perishable produce.
Country Taste Farm

We are Chemical Insecticide Free, and we are working to Balance the Biology in our soil with Organic Methods to produce our Fruits and Vegetables, at this time we supplement the soil with some Fertilizer. We start most of our own plants in our Green house, and have two high tunnels which extends our growing season, protect the plants from hail and provide and environment that produces high quality produce, we also have over 2 acre of fruits and vegetables under cultivation.

Some of the Fruits and Vegetables we provide include:

Apples ( Honey Crisp, Honey Gold, Sweet Sixteen, Fireside, Haralson)  Arugula, Asparagus, Beets, Broccoli , Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Joi Chow, Cauliflower, Carrots, Cucumbers (slicers & pickling) Green Beans, Gourmet Garlic, Herbs, Lettuce , Melons, Onions, Peppers (hot & sweet), Potatoes  (Yukon Gold and New red potatoes), Pumpkins, Parsnips, Radish,  Rutabagas, Strawberry, Sweet Corn, Summer Squash,  Tomatoes (10 Varieties ), Turnips, Winter Squash, Zucchini Every year we try new varieties which we add to the list if they are successful. 


Country Taste Farm is a small CSA serving Central Minnesota. The fruits and vegetables we grow express our most basic values: to provide naturally-grown, nutrient-rich, environmentally-friendly foods. At Country Taste Farm our produce is grown with care for the Environment. We have a commitment to grow exceptionally tasty and nutritious produce. 2012 CSA membership will include 18-20 weeks from mid June to mid October of a Full Peck, ½ Bushel, 1 1/9 Bushel of fresh, in-season produce. You can find more information, and we are members listed on the following web sites:

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