Friday, March 9, 2012

March 9, 2012 Country Taste Farm

This week we worked in getting the Small high Tunnel Ready for the coming season More Composted Manure

16'x40' high tunnel
More Composted Manure

New Boxes this year we have purchased
wax coated boxes, they will be more sanitary
to comply with GAP
Some Broccoli is starting

SO what is "GAP" Good Agriculture Practices.

The purpose of implementing Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) is to reduce the risks of
microbial contamination of fruits and vegetables.  At this time most MN growers do not need to have their farm and produce GAP audited.
Even though we are direct marketing our produce and don't need an audit, we are working on a food safety plan to assure  good hygiene and sanitation practices.  It will assure our customers that we are proactively reducing the risk of microbial contamination on our produce. The new wax coated boxes
are one of the sanitation improvements we have implemented. We have repainted the restroom in the Shed and have provide it with hand soap and sanitary paper towel dispenser. Our next step is to review our packaging and produce handling system. Our Goal is to have the plan implemented before our first delivery.