Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Country Taste Farm Bugs

I thought as a follow up to Animal Problems What about Bugs. The longest lasting problem bud is Colorado Potato Beetle it does attach Potatoes But it is more of a problem for Egg Plant, we use Spinosad to control it is a organic Bactria found in the soil around old rum factors and cultured for our use. Squash Bugs come out in numbers at this time of year and effect the pumpkins and squash we use Pyganic this organic product comes from the flower chrysanthemums. The last insect for today looks ugly and you all hate it in your houses but it is a beneficial insect the Asia Beetle it eats Aphids, aphids are more of a problem inside the high tunnel but do effect out side plant if we don't get much rain, Rain will tend to wash them off.
Colorado Potato Beetle
Squash Bug

Asian Beetle Larva