Monday, April 22, 2013

Whats Happen at Country Taste Farm April 22, 2013

Another Week and More Snow!!!! But don't worry it will end soon??? It was sunny and warm with no wind on Saturday prefect to in stall the plastic on the new high tunnel. It went very well and the tunnel will be ready for Tomato Plants by May 15th assuming the weather does warm some. The Radishes are up and i planted Arugula it only takes 40 days to get a crop of Arugula. The Tomato and Pepper plants have been moved out to the green house and look great. Looks like the end of this week it will warm up. The Onion, Strawberry, Raspberry and Asparagus Transplants have arrived right on time, to bad the snow has not left on time. I bought two used  Stainless Steel commercial refrigerator's and the plants will keep just fine for a couple weeks.
Tomato Plants in Green House

New High tunnel plastic on
Snow up the side of the high tunnel

New Stainless Steel Ref
Radishes just coming up