Monday, May 13, 2013

What's Happen Country Taste Farm May 13 2013

On Saturday my young helper and I planted 360 Tomato Plants in the New High Tunnel 11 different Varieties. With the heater on over night they all survived the Frost on Sunday and Monday. I uncovered the Strawberry Plants and they look like they made it thur the winter well. The Asparagus is coming up looks great. We Could use some rain but i spent today checking  and starting all the pumps we will have to start irrigating tomorrow with the 90 degree heat coming in. I keep trying to come up with a cute weekly ending like "RED GREEN KEEP Your Stick on the Ice" Maybe someone has a Idea?

Tomato Plants in the high tunnel
Strawberries Uncovered

Asparagus coming up
Rows of Asparagus