Monday, May 20, 2013

Whats Happen Country Taste Farm May 20 2013

Some much needed Rain is welcomed to our farm. All of the transplants are planted in all 3 high tunnels. The  Asparagus that is outside and Arugula, lettuce, Radish and spinach that are in the High tunnels will be ready for pick up and delivery the first week of June so you can expect Tuesday June 4th for the start of our Tuesday Members Schedule and Thursday June 6th for the start of  our Thursday members Schedule, More details will be sent out next week. This week the Cucumbers in the high tunnel are almost ready to train them up the twine so we spent some time hanging the twines. The apple trees are just starting to bloom. The out side plantings are a little behind but if the warm weather keeps up they will come on fast. Until next week i will keep my hands in the dirt.
Cucumbers with twine

Radish inside high tunnel

Radish Outside can you see the differance
Apple Trees starting to Bloom