Monday, May 6, 2013

Whats happen Country Taste Farm May 6 2013

The weather has finally warmed Planting is in High Gear. We planted Potatoes 200 Pounds of Red Norlands and 200 Pounds Yukon Gold. Minnesota Grown Seed Potatoes from near Detroit Lakes, Mn. Last winter we bought a potato Planter 1940's took a lot of oil to loosen it up but it worked great. We started to lay plastic mulch out side and we planted 500 Broccoli trans plants and 500 Cauliflower trans plants this week end, all the Cole crop plants will be planted this week. Looks like another great day suns up and time to plant.

Potato planter  hills as it plants

Planter picks one pcs at a time and spaces them 12"

One has to cut the potatoes in to small
enough pcs this vintage unit cuts one potato
into 8 pcs with one push of the foot pedal

Look at all the beautiful Cauliflower and