Sunday, February 2, 2014

What's Happen at Country Taste Farm

 Its Cold, Snow half way up the high tunnels. We hope some sign of spring will show its head. I ventured out in the high tunnel to see if i could see my Shadow.

 Ground hog Day!
 If your farmer sees his shadow inside the high tunnel 11 weeks until the end of the CSA Membership sign up, Deadline ( April 15th). If your farmer dose not sees his shadow in side the high tunnel 11 weeks before we plant the first lettuces  in the high tunnel.
Were is the January Thaw one day of above Freezing in January does not cover it in my book.

 Food Safety Up date: 
We have come a long way toward finishing the Root Crop Barrel Washer.
Last week we Bought 2 Stainless Steel food safe Vegetable Prep tables. One has two sinks and is 12' long, the other is 10' long and has a disposal chute for cuttings and culls.                                                        I just love those on line Auctions!

We are so excited about this year i am having high tunnel fever, just can't wait to get the first seeds in the ground. Many of the Seeds have already been delivered to us. Again this year i have several new varieties to try, 4 New sweet  Pepper varieties including Yellow, & Orange  hope they're great Seed cost around $1.00 Each. We have several new Organic Pest control products on order they will ship after the danger of freezing in transit is over.

Thank you for viewing what your Farmers is Doing. "Know Your Farmer Know Your Food"