Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Whats Happen Country Taste Farm Feb 25

Is It Spring Yet!!!! We have received more snow than we need this winter. The High Tunnels are starting to look like Igloos, we have removed some show off the top but we have to be careful not to poke holes in the Plastic. Just last week the inside Temperature was 80 degrees and the ground was thawed down 4 inches. The weatherman says it will be March 8th before we reach above freezing again. So much for cold talk.
 Thinking Spring all the seeds have arrived from our suppliers. I cleaned and disinfected the small green house and all of the seed starting trays and plugs. WE ARE READY!!!

I posted This on WCCO Mike Augustyiak Face book page. He Liked it.

Mike you are a fine young Weatherman and you seem to always be pretty much right on the money with your forcast. However you young fellows just don't have it quite right. When Bud Kraeling was the wcco Weather Reporter, after a big show storm in late February he always within a couple of day forcasted Warm Weather. Please order some warm weather. LOL

I Wonder how many of you Remember Bud Kraeling????? 
Starting to look like Igloo
High Tunnel

Small Green House
Inside Small Green House

Seed Packages