Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Whats Happen Country Taste Farm

The first Sign of Spring Broccoli seeds Have Sprouted, first Green!!!!!!

New Back Pack Blower/Mister has arrived.  Solo 451 .

This motorized mist blower features a 2-cycle, 66.5cc, 4.3HP low-emission Solo engine and fan system. Also featured on the Solo 451 is an ergonomic carrying frame and quick-release straps. The polyethylene tank with UV inhibitors has a capacity of 3.4 gallons. A 4-position liquid dosage control permits you to have a selectable output from 0.12 to 0.89 GPM.
Misting range is 40' horizontal and 35' vertical for hard-to-reach spraying areas
 The Blower mister will use less spray and lift the leaves of plants to get the bugs that are on the underside. The Organic Products we use are very expensive, this unit will help us to atomize the liquid to fine droplets and apply to both sides of the leaves for most effective control of Insects and Disease. With the Vertical range of 35' we will reach the tops of our apple trees. It also has directional nozel.

"Know Your Farmer Know Your Food"