Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Whats happen Country Taste Farm

   This week we fired up the wood fired outdoor boiler. The unit was bought at a auction for $125.00, we invested about $1200. in piping, pumps and repairs. With the cost of LP Gas over $3.00 per Gallon it will pay for it self this year, we have had it for 3years now. We use dead trees from the 39 acres of  land that we can't grow crops on. Of course trees are a renewable resource, and the ash we use in the soil which helps control the PH, & has a small amount of value for plant growth.

  I found one of the Asian Beetles on the plants growing in the basement. Asian Beetle eat Aphids, the same as Lady Bugs, there are no Aphids on the Plant but I'm sure the Beetles are ready for Spring. Asian Beetles have got a bad rap, they were introduced to control Aphids in Soybeans & were not suppose to over winter in norther areas. The Beetles seem to have out smarted the Scientist & now a beneficial insect in the summer is a indoor pest in the the fall and winter.

"Know Your Farmer Know Your Food"

Modine hot Water Heater in greenhouse
Inside the Burner

View of the Boiler from the Green House
Wood is keep dry 

Its hard to see Asian Beetle