Monday, September 15, 2014

Whats Happen At Country Taste Farm

Old Jack Frost came nipping at my nose well plants, we recorded 30 outside but in the high tunnels it was 33 so we added a little heat only took 10 minutes to reach 40. When the sun came up we shut the heat off with no damage to the tomatoes, Peppers or Cucumbers.
This week we began the harvest of winter squash, next week we will harvest apples and plant Garlic.
Jalpeno Peppers (5000 SU) Heat units
Cayenne peppers (60,000 su) easily mature during our growing season. They are usually 12-15 cm (5-6 in.) long and 1-2.5 cm (1/3-1 in.) in diameter at the stem end. Cayenne peppers are used in Cajun recipes, cayenne pepper and many natural medicines in history known for their healing properties. 

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Whats in your box
Cayenne Pepper
Sweet Pepper
Winter Squash
"Know Your Farmer Know Your Food"
What about those Radishes? There are a few that are big enough to eat perhaps next week we can add some to your CSA shares!

Radish 26 days few this big

Carrot should have some baby size for
Farm Tour to dig
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Cayenne Peppers

Good Garlic crop this year.