Monday, September 22, 2014

Whats Happen At Country Taste Farm

Next Week will be the last week for our CSA my how 18 weeks can Fly By. We wish to thank all of our CSA Members for their support, and we hope that you all enjoyed your Produce.

 Its time to think about next year and some improvement we intend to make.
·         Carrots: Plant some early Carrots so we will have some Baby carrots in your CSA Share
·         Beets: plant a different variety, the beets failed this year
·         Summer squash was planted in the high tunnel and failed, so plant outside
·         Strawberries were small and poor because the Deer ate off the Leaves we hope to have a DNR Deer fence next year, but we have also added 200 new plants this year which will bear next season.
·         Cantaloupe: we will try different varieties until we find one that works well every year.
·         We will be adding a number of employees this will help keep up with weeding a major problem each year.
·         Next year we will change the name of the sizes of our CSA Shares the Full peck will be called a ¼ Share, ½ Bushel will be called ½ Share and the 1 1/9 Bushel will be called a full Share. The quantity in each share will remain the same; also we will provide a large box for the ½ Share as at times the box was too full.

We invite you to please provide your feedback on thing you liked as well as what was wrong. If there is something you would like us to grow let us know.  Please email us at

Whats in your CSA Box this Week?
Lunch Box Peppers
Sweet Bell Pepper
Winter Squash
Apple Cornell Red
Sweet Potato
Yukon Gold Potato
"Know Your Farmer Know Your Food"

  Country Taste Farm
4th annual CSA Customer Appreciation
 Hot Dogs, Beans and Nancy’s Homemade Potato Salad will be served
Farm Tour/Year End you pick Harvest
Oct 4, 2014 10am to 5pm
Please RSVP