Sunday, October 5, 2014

Whats Happen At Country Taste Farm

           2014 Farm tour and Customers appreciation 

The day started of Cold with a light rain but before we stated the sun came Out so did the Customers.
We had over 100 people attending Great Turn out and a "Good time was had by All"

Our  employees

Tour Start

Showing Plastic Mulch Layer

Garlic Planting Demo

Showed Off Our Packaging Area

Tour of the Final Harvest Area

Pepper High Tunnel

The Young helped with the Harvest

Sweet Potato Digging

And we washed the Root Crops

this little lady dug right in

This fellow gave it a try

They found Pumpkins
Thank you to all Our CSA supporters
The young had a harvest conference

We wish to thank all our Members for a great 2014 Season and for their continued support of The Country Taste Farm CSA See You All Next Season.