Monday, January 19, 2015

Whats Happen at Country Taste Farm

We just got Back from Florida much needed Vacation. They have there Tomatoes and Peppers Planted already. Also the folks we stayed with had a back yard garden already harvesting radish and carrots i am so jealous. They have year round farmers Markets but mostly just resell vendors. I Have attached a few photos.

Before we left i attended the 2015 Minnesota Organic Conference in St Cloud. One of the Work Shops was "Transitioning to Organic" we learned so much. The first step is a written a plan.

We are on our way to "Certified Organic" We have written a 5 year  Plan. 

This year 2015  we will concentrate on soil Fertility, we have found a source for Turkey Litter and will use it plus Cover Crops to meet our soil nutrition needs. our goal is 2 year. We already use only Organic products for Insect and Disease Control so that part not a problem.

In our second year we will focus on improved Weed Control. of course continue with soil nutrition and Organic insect and Disease control.

Year three and four, start the process to become certified Organic this is a 3 year process. First no unapproved plants, seeds, Fertilizers ETC all must Organic. Detailed Record keeping to prove your Inputs. and  all of the inputs must follow the USDA ORGANIC National Rules & Minnesota Department of Agriculture Rules. At this point we must post signs, establish a buffer Zone around our Farm to prevent drift of Chemicals and GMO crops from Neighbors.

Year 5 of my plan bring in the Certification agency The agency will inspect and review all Documents then provide Certification.

This is a Brief description of the Process you can learn More from