Monday, February 2, 2015

Whats Happen at Country Taste Farm

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Our Recent Trip to Florida Farm Market Makes your Mouth Water

Think Spring this month we will start growing transplant, we will start  Onions, they take the longest to grow to a transplant able size. We will be attending more work shops and conferences this month, Minnesota State Wide High Tunnel Conference and work shop Controlling Pest in Speciality Crops.

We Have just completed Spreading our First load of Turkey Litter, this is a major part of our 5 year plan for organic Certification. 25 Tons of Fresh Turkey litter it does not Smell fresh but its full of  nutrients,  Nitrogen 20 Phosphate 16 Potash 13 Pounds per ton. the Reason for adding Manure in Organic farming is for Potash and Phosphate, most of the Nitrogen needs will com from Cover Crops.
 We have installed all the post for the DNR Deer Fence Project, the DNR will come out in may to instruct us on how the want the wire and gates installed.

Turkey Litter pile

The new used Spreader 34 loads

Deer Fence post south side

Deer fence Post East Side