Monday, March 2, 2015

Whats Happen at Country Taste Farm

Early Bird Discount has ended Great Response! You can still Join our CSA til April 30th with out the Discount.
This week we have fabricated a seed planter for 288 cell trays  it work well enough to speed up the planting and more accurate seed placement. The planting trays come in many cell sizes 288 is used to start seeds when the plants are about 2 weeks old we will transplant them into 50 cell trays. The plants will stay in the 50 cell trays until they are ready to go outside.   Most of the Seed orders have come in we are starting the planting this week Cole crops Broccoli, & Cabbage, then Boc Choy and Lettuces. All of our potting soil will be Certified Organic. We are so Happy to get started!!!!

One more organic Class Tuesday 

"Know your Farmer Know Your Food"

Great Name Purple Cow Started Fertilizer

Complete Organic Plant Starter soil

Broccoli Seeds

Seeds drop Thur the holes in to the 288 cell flats

Broccoli flat on heat mat