Monday, April 13, 2015

Whats Happen At Country Taste Farm

This week we started installing the woven wire on the Deer Fence.
   We have begun planting out side 1st Radishes have been seeded, Cherriette F1 a Red radish, & White Beauty Organic Radish. 5000 of Each the warm weather will get them started before the Weeds. We use a Old Planet JR one of the Best Planters Ever built my father in law gave it to me 40 years ago May he R,I.P.
 On Wednesday I will pickup our Seed Potatoes at  Detroit Lakes, Yukon Gold & Dark Red Northern.
 Onion Trans plants have Arrived hope to plant this week end.
"Know Your Farmer Know  Your Food"

Radish Planting

Planet JR

Old but one of the most accurate
Vegetable planters of its Time.

Woven Wire