Monday, May 18, 2015

Whats Happen at Country Taste Farm

Rain and some warm weather is good today and tomorrow Cold Must be Minnesota.

"I am bring home a hive of bumble bees won't my CSA Members Be surprised at me.
I am bring home a hive of bumble bees woo they are pollinating."

Bumble Bees have arrived , we purchased a Quad 4 hives with 500 bees per hive. The bees had to chew their way out of the hive. Each hive has a sliding door which can let the bees travel in and out or can be set so when they return they can't get out in case you want to move the hive. It took 24 hour for the bees to chew out and then they went right to work.

More Good News Mandy from the DNR arrived on Wednesday with the Fence Stretching tools, Gates and we finished the Deer Fence on Friday. Thank you Mandy and the DNR for their Cost Share for the Wildlife Damage Control Fence.

"Know Your Farmer Know Your Food"

Bees in Shipping Box

Chewing their way out

Suppler recommend a Aframe of Pallets
For Shade

Caught this bee in Flight

Deer fence Gate south east

Deer fence north west