Monday, June 1, 2015

Whats Happen at Country Taste Farm

The Harvest begins this week "Whats in my CSA Share"?
Radish (Red & White)
Lettuce Mix
This year to save paper & Trees we will not have a little slip of paper in the box listing whats in your weekly share you will find it here on line. We will label the Bags if their is produce that you may not easily recognize.
Notice: Our box supplier sent the wrong box for the 1/2 Share the correct boxes will ship Tuesday. Some of the 1/2 Shares May receive a Brown box the first week we will replace those next week.

How to Store Your Produce
Asparagus:  In a plastic bag in the fridge  3-4 days Can be Frozen for 12- 18 months
Arugula: In a plastic bag in the fridge  3-5 days
Radish: In a plastic bag in the fridge  10-14 days
Lettuce Mix: Store leaf Lettuce in loosely close plastic bag in the refrigerator don't wash until ready to eat 7days
Spinach: In a plastic bag in the fridge  7 days

Freezing Asparagus: To Freeze 1. Wash thoroughly & cut off woody ends 2 Blanch (plunge into Boiling Water) for 2 minutes and chill quickly in ice cold water 4 Drain Off excess moisture, pack in air tight containers or freezer bags.
Washing: No Chemical pesticide were used to produce these Vegetables, However you should wash them before Eating. We do rinse all produce with water. We add Chlorine at the rate not exceeding maximum residual disinfectant limit under the Safe Drinking Water Act, Chlorine is List in the Organic Standards §205.601   Synthetic substances allowed for use in organic crop production.


Spinach in the dryer

Mixed Lettuce


Filling Boxes

Half of this years Boxes