Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Whats Happen At Country Taste Farm

February 2 Ground Hog Day, 6 more week of Winter Or Early Spring? No Mater what its time to start planting.
 Onions: To provide organic Onions we have two choices buy transplants or start our own from seeds. There are a Limited  number of  Certified Organic Onion Transplants Varieties available from trusted suppliers, and the ones they have are very costly. So we choose to Start from seeds, and we are allowed to use untreated seeds if the seed variety is not available Certified Organic. Below pictures of our Onion Starts.
Onion Starts 5,000
Certified Organic also requires the use of  planting Median to be ORMI Listed there are 3 we will use this season. ProMix Organik Mycorrhizae, Sun Gro S-Natural & Organic & Puple Cow Seed Starter Mix

We are now begining  weekly "Whats Happen at Country Taste Farm"  E News

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