Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Whats Happen At Country Taste Farm

 Next week starts our Healthy fresh produce Season we will post "What’s Happen at Country Taste Farm" on Monday's which will have what's in your CSA Share for that week. 

 The CSA Produce Delivery and Pick up Schedule was email yesterday if you did not receive your delivery information please contact us. 

 So how does an Old Farmer Plant all Those Vegetables? It must be extremely painful to be bent over for hour. Well the transplants thru the plastic mulch are planted with a homemade machine called the "Creeper" sounds spooky. The Creeper is a hands free machine that you steer with your feet; it has a variable speed drive that will go so slow it creeps hence the name Creeper.
 The new High tunnel has arived, now put it up in my spare time LOL"

  “Know Your Farm Know Your Food”

The Creeper

Old Farmer Laying down on the job 

after planting

the new High Tunnel