Monday, June 13, 2016

Whats Happen At Country Taste Farm

Much needed Rain Last Night hope I get more this week.
What’s in your share this week? All most the same as last week however see the pictures below for what’s coming next week.
·         Arugula Also known as Salad Rocket, which is a fitting name for this zippy leafy green, Arugula is a delicious early summer vegetable from the brassicaceae family. Its peppery flavor provides a natural cooling effect on the body – a good food for hot weather picnics! Pull The Leaves of the Stalk for best use.

Asparagus: Every ones favorite so Manny uses.
Lettuce: Our lettuce is a great mix of Leaves
Radish: We will have 3 different varieties this year
Spinach: Organic Non-GMO Abundant Bloomsdale Spinach - OPEN-POLLINATED
Delicious glossy, dark green leaves with the most savoyed texture we've seen! Thick, sweet-tasting leaves with rounded shape and juicy, succulent texture.
(Store the above vegetables in the bag they are delivered in the crisper of the fridge)
Herb: Basil, To store Fresh Basil: Trim the ends and place in a glass containing about 1” of water, cover with a loose fitting plastic bag in the refrigerator replace water when it gets cloudy

“Know Your Farm Know Your Food”
Boc Choy