Monday, December 5, 2016

Whats Happen At Country Taste Farm

Country Taste Farm 2016 Year in Review:

January: The deer fence works look at all the deer tracks. Apple trees Pruned. Attended MFVG & Organic Conference in St Cloud, MN

Deer Tracks in the Snow

Apple trees prune

February: University of Minnesota Bee Keeping in Northern Climates Course

March: Indoor Planting
One of 3 Grow Racks

April: Bees Arrive, Apple trees and Strawberries Bloom too Early Frost damage

Apple bloom

May: Planting With the Creeper Machine
Zero to 3miles per hour steer with feet

June: Harvest Begins


July: Tomatoes look great

August: Raspberries
My Granddaughter

September: Winter Squash

October: Farm Tour Upick Customer Day

November: Erection of New High tunnel

30x95 feet our Largest

December: Prepare for 2017
Dec weather soo Warm installed drip tape and row cover

We Will make available our Online CSA Purchases  Next Week

  “Know Your Farm Know Your Food”