Friday, January 13, 2017

Whats Happen At Country Tase Farm

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2017 Country Taste Farm New Varieties trials


Chapman Heirloom:  Beautiful, deep red fruit is quite large, weighing from 1 to 2 lbs. with dense, meaty flesh and extraordinary flavor.

Katana Tomato These uniform, high-shouldered, beefy red slicers set early and continuously.. 

Damsel Organic Damsel produces avg. 10-12 oz., globe-shaped fruits with beautiful, pink skin. Shares flavor qualities (sweet, rich, and tangy) with traditional pink heirlooms, such as Brandywine and Pruden's Purple.

Fredrick F1 Frederik produces 7-9 oz., beefsteak tomatoes with very good flavor. Deep round fruits have light ribbing. High yields of large, flavorful fruit.

Mini Head Lettuce

Dragon: Mini green romaine. Organic  Compact and uniform. Leaves are thick and have an excellent crisp texture. Heads are very dense, hold well in the field, and can be attractively marketed with mini red romaines.

Breen:  Breen forms a very compact, mini head early. The short plant averages 8" tall and is very slow to become oversized.

Baby Egg Plant Compact May work well in our CSA Box.

Strawberry :

Archer:  We are on the waiting list for this plant, if we do get plants they will yield next year this new variety developed at Cornell University by Courtney Weber. Early season, Very large to huge fruit size, excellent flavor.


Orange Blaze F1: All America Selections winner due to early maturity, sweet flavor and disease resistance. It matured to a beautiful orange color earlier than the comparisons.

Sweet Corn:

We are changing some of our sweet corn varieties to provide early maturing  and reduced corn earworms. The early corn will be (SE) Sugar Enhanced, Great Taste But not as Sweet as (SH2) Super Sweet  Type which will be ready 2-4 weeks later. These two types can be used in Organic Production. To Control Corn Earworm we will try a sweet corn using Attribute II insect-protected variety, not approved by ORMI. We trying this because in many years the later corn has been so infested with earworms you could not eat it.  

Ambrosia: Superb eating quality (SE) Sugar Enhanced. Early Germination, bicolor sweet and ready for summer picnics. This will be the first to mature. Can be organic

Xtra-tender 2472XR. Hybrid Bi-Color Super sweet types (sh2)  Very tender with good sweetness. Early bicolor with strong husk cover and determined tip fill.  Xtra-tender has been one of our long time favorites. Can Be Organic

Xtra-tender 2171.  Hybrid Bi-Color Super sweet types (sh2) Strong Vigor and high flavor for an early season.  Can Be Organic 

SV9010SA: Hybrid Bi-Color Super sweet types (sh2) Attribute II Insect Protection to control corn earworm. Not Approved for Organic Production.