Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Whats Happen At Country Taste Farm

Plant stating time is fast approaching; we finished our Seed Orders for 2017 here are a Few More New Varieties we are trying. Our Goal is to select Fruit & Vegetable varieties that produce Healthy, full flavored, Nutrint rich, and provide natural plant disease resistance.

Water Mellon Tom F1 we are looking for a higher yield and longer shelf life
Small, (4-10lbs) early melon with dense, flavorful flesh and long shelf life—perfect for taking to market. Beautiful light green melons with dark green striping and slightly oblong shape. Flesh is a deep pink with excellent sweet flavor and dense, fine-grained texture. Long shelf life and the highest yields of any hybrid melon in our trials!

Kale  Lacinato we are trying for tenderness 
Unique blue-green savoyed leaves on extremely vigorous plants. One of our most tender kale varieties; ideal for raw kale salads and soups. Leaves are very dark blue-green and heavily savoyed, sweetening with each frost. Also known as Dinosaur or Tuscan kale. Our strain has been improved by breeder Frank Morton of Wild Garden Seeds and is exceptionally large, vigorous and cold tolerant. B. oleracea.

Tomato Lola F1 Wanted to Try Clusters
FW (1) Bests all other greenhouse varieties in terms of early, sweet flavor. One of the earliest to set fruit in our grafted tomato trials. Round to slightly flattened globes are larger when pruned to 4-5 fruits/cluster. Firm texture holds well, but is not as tough as Arbason which has a thicker skin. Indeterminate       7-9 oz

 Tomato Caiman F1

DISEASE RESISTANCES:  Always Looking for Disease resistance types
TMV Our largest, most disease resistant greenhouse tomato with full, rich flavor and attractive creased shoulders reminiscent of an heirloom. Shiny bright red fruits grow in clusters of 4-6 on vigorous plants and hold well on the vine. Plants have short internodes and good fruit set even in hot weather. Recommended for the field or high tunnels. Intermediate resistance to root-knot nematodes.

Cosmonaut Volkov Not sure abut this one but its not Rocket Sicense
Wins every taste competition with its rich complex flavor! Sweet and tangy fruits are slightly flattened with a healthy red color and moderately green shoulders. Prone to cracking in wet conditions, but not nearly as much as Brandywine. Originally from Ukraine; produces high yields even in cool conditions. Works well in low tech tunnels. Semi-determinate 8-12 oz

Mountain Princess They caught my eye with ideal for CSA's

Mountain sweet goodness; ideal for CSAs! Perfectly rounded fruits with crowd-pleasing mild sweet flavor. Very productive and early; great for short, cool seasons. A customer favorite for containers, six-pack sales & CSAs. Grown for generations in the Monongahela National Forest region of West Virginia. Determinate 8-10 oz