Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Whats Happen At Country Taste Farm

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Whats Happen Feb 2017
Its February we have many chores to do, Wood cutting from our renewable resource to heat the Green houses. We have a wood fired boiler to provide most of the heat requirement. Part of our Native Pollinator habit plan we have started some purple cone flowers and Lupine which are perennial, these will be part of the permeate habitat. Our indoor Planting starts in the basement under grow lights, this save on green house heating cost. Each year I develop a faster way to plant transplants this year i have fabricated a simple device to apply vermiculite to the top layer of the cells. New High Tunnel is holding Heat Well, i installed a solar vent opener, it works with the expansion of Bees Wax to open.

Outside Boiler

Start of wood pile

Flowers Purple Cone & Lupine

Simple Vermiculite applicator

almost 100 degrees in high  tunnel

Solar Vent