Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Whats Happen At Country Taste Farm

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This morning I took pictures of the Apple Trees which I had finished pruning yesterday. Well the snow has made it look less well groomed but the trees are pruned and ready for the 2017 season. There are Several Main Objectives to Pruning apple trees. Controlling the Height of the tree, so that most of the fruit doesn’t grow out of reach, Developing good limb structure for strength, fruit production, and the general health of the tree. Encouraging new limb growth which will begin to bear fruit their second year, and ridding the tree of damaged or diseased growth. Now we hope that the trees say dormant long enough so blossoms do come too early.
Our Oldies trees

5 year old Trees will produce this year

These trees were just planted 2016 the are
Honeycrips Trees on a dwarf root Stock
We hope to see apples next year

I just started Pruning the Raspberries looks like a big job but you just dig in and go for it. When I finish I will post Pictures.
We have pruned about 20feet about 600 to go

I began planting the 2017 Vegetable today, we have found that Ghost, Thai Hot Peppers that longer time to grow in the green house therefore I have plant them today other peppers will be planted over the next couple of weeks. With the addition of the new High Tunnel we have enough room to grow the crazy hot peppers again.
Ghost peppers started under grow light

This coming Sunday I will be attending the University of Minnesota Beekeeping in northern Climates year 2. One the 2 Hives we set up last year has survived. I will share some of what I learn Next Week.
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