Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Whats Happen at Country Taste Farm

Good Morning Its April 11, 2017 in Minnesota and we Have Snow. Should have had my Oats Planted LOL the old farmers like to have some snow on their newly planted oat seeding. Snow contains more Nitrogen than rain made the oats grow faster and bigger yields. Well the Garlic is up maybe it will make larger Garlic bulbs. Wednesday we will plant our first Radishes. This week we will uncover some of the Strawberries.


Rows of Garlic

Strawberries covered with straw mulch

curved side High Tunnel

Rope system up

rope system up and down

The Drop down Sides on the High Tunnel:  Curved shaped tunnels usually don’t have drop down sides because they rely on gravity to work but due to my varying degrees of expertise the lifting ropes wrapped around a pipe turn clockwise or counter clockwise depending on which side of the pipe it is wound, therefore up and down movement.  One side is complete and it works. The air coming from the bottom of the roll up sides has caused problems with the plastic mulch lifting off the plants and the cold air flowing across the plants slowing their growth. With the drop down side this problem is solved.