Saturday, January 6, 2018

Whats Happen at Country Taste Farm

Welcome to Country Taste Farm it’s time to get started on the 2018 CSA Membership Drive.
Baby Bees are coming 

I hope all of you enjoyed the holiday season; I did the Scale shows a healthy Gain??? We have received Memberships for 30% of our 2018 Goal this is a good start, my thanks to those folks that have already joined.

Why do we need our memberships this early?
            We need to know the number of members to plan how much to plant and when to plant.
           We rely on the fees to purchase our Seeds, Plants, Fertilizer (Turkey Litter is purchase I 25 ton loads), Seeds, Plants (berry and fruit trees/plants must be ordered in January to assure delivery) Organic Insect and disease Product. 60% of your membership fees are invested before June.   It gives me a since of pride and encouragement to supply our customers with the Best Fresh Fruits and Vegetables we can grow.

  This year I have completed most of my winter pruning and repairs. The raspberries have new trellis and have been pruned. The Honey crisp intense production trees have reinforced trellis wires. All of the high tunnels have been update and were need new plastic covering. All of the field laid plastic mulch and drip tube has been removed and disposed of. We are Ready for Spring!

Honey Crisp Apple tree Trellis
"Know Your Farmer Know Your Food"