Thursday, February 1, 2018

Whats Happen At Country Taste Farm

Country Taste Farm Its February
CSA Membership Drive 41% have signed up we have purchase all the Seeds now we need Supplies so please get your Membership In. Thanks to all those who have already signed up.
So what happens at the Farm in February? We usual attend Minnesota Fruit and Vegetable Growers Conference in St Cloud, MN, but this year I had surgery on my back Jan 12th it went very well I was out of the Hospital the same Day. The pain was minimal and now just 20 day later I am up and doing computer work and lifting 10 pounds. I expect a full recovery in about 6 weeks.
This time of year I put my nose into the seed catalogs and look for new exciting fruit and vegetable seeds. So here are a few we will try for 2018.
Cabbage Stellar Vantage
Compact heads and short cores. Offers nice, dense heads and has good field-holding ability.

Cabbage Quick Start

Early maturing solid heads with a short core. Holds well in the field.
Both of these cabbage are to replace Luck Ball that we have use for Many Years. No longer Available.

Large-podded snow pea.
Sweet berries inside big sweet pods combine for a delicious flavor treat. High yields of large, 4½" x 1", medium-green, flat pods.

Basil Pluto
Pluto is a dwarf basil that produces heavily branched plants with tiny, dark green leaves. The leaves have a good basil aroma and a fine basil flavor. The plants are compact, globe-shaped and reach 7 to 8" in height at full maturity. Pluto is ideal for both open field and pot production.
We are always looking for equipment to speed up and increase our labor productivity. When searching the internet I came across two items on Craig’s list.


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