Thursday, March 1, 2018

Whats Happen At Country Taste Farm

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March is coming in like a lamb and we are starting Our Transplants:

Growing Transplants Starts with a High Quality Starter Mix Soil. We use Soil mix with Biofungicide + Mycorrhizae Both of these are Non Chemical Bacteria and fungus.

Premier® PRO-MIX® BX Biofungicide + Mycorrhizae General Purpose Grower Mix
3.8cu ft Compressed Bale
Professional general purpose peat-based professional growing medium designed for general greenhouse uses and transplanting applications. Contains Mycorrhizae, a beneficial endomycorrhizal fungus that increases resistance to stresses and plant survival related to transplanting, nutrition and drought and increased crop vigor, plant quality and quantity of flowers/fruits. Also contains Biofungicide, bacterial spores that germinate and grow around plants root system to form a protective shield. Serves as a physical barrier to certain root rot pathogens. Helps enhance plant vigor and better uniformity with crops providing healthier and more vigorous root system. Contains; Sphagnum Peat Moss (75-85%), Horticultural Grade Perlite, Horticultural Grade Vermiculite, Dolomitic & Calcitic Limestone, Non-Toxic Wetting Agent, Biofungicide and Mycorrhizae.

Then we plant in to flats, we insert a tray with cells. We use 512 288 144 128 72 & 50 cell count. Plants such as Broccoli, Cauliflower and Cabbage are started in 512 cell then after 21 days transplanted into 72 cell. Some plants are direct seeded in to 128 72 or 50 cells. So how do we plant so many seeds we plant about 200,000 Seed Per Season.

Seed EZ vacuum Seeder check it out on you tube
The  seeder is easy, accurate, fast and low priced.
Seeds 120 to 300 flats per hour.

Of course how do we get them out of the Cells?
Plug Popper Dibble Board
Pushes plant plugs from an entire Speedling flat in seconds. Save time by not individually pushing plugs out of the cells. When seeding, use upside down for a tray dibbler! 

We bought one and the built two others. The plug popper will lift the small trans plants out of the cells, then you can easily transplant them into large cell trays. We plant broccoli in 512 cell then transplant to 72 cells they stay in the 72cells  
Next Week How do we plant them in the Ground.