Monday, March 11, 2019

Whats Happen At Country Taste Farm

This Week We are planting Lettuce, Peppers and Marigolds.

 Lettuce Collections Salanova Foundation The collection includes equal amounts of each of the four incised leaf types (Green Incised, Red Incised, Green Sweet Crisp, Red Sweet Crisp)  and Premier The collection includes equal amounts of each of the four cored types (Green Butter, Red Butter, Green Oak leaf, and Red Oak leaf)
Foundation Collection

Premier Collection

Sweet Peppers: Early Sunsation, Chesapeake, Revolution, Vanguard, Torero, and Red Knight.

Early Sunsation
Early Sunsation produces large, smooth fruit that mature from dark green to bright golden-yellow at full maturity.

Chesapeake's fruit are blocky and four-lobed, with smooth, thick walls and a rapid and uniform color change from green to bright red. 

Revolution pepper plants produce large to extra-large Green fruit and has a strong disease package.

Vanguard Peppers has excellent foliage protection from its tall plants. Its blocky, mostly four-lobed fruit are medium to dark green in color ripening to red.

Torero is a makes a beautiful orange bell pepper. The fruit ripen from green to a deep orange at full maturity and have a sweet taste when fully ripe.

Red Knight
Red Night. Maturing in the mid-early slot are high quality, blocky bell fruit that measure 4-1/2 x 4-1/2" The shiny, attractive fruit ripen from a dark green to an intense red color.

Marigold Flowers are used to repeal Insects in the High Tunnels. (My Grandfather used them around his entire Garden he was an organic grower when it was the normal way to grow.

Organic practices help reduce Chemicals residue, we are doing Much more for food Safety:
“Know Your Farmer Know Your Food”