Monday, September 30, 2019

Whats Happen At Country Taste Farm

Whats Happen At Country Taste Farm
Week 18 of 18 CSA Season The final Week for the Country Taste Farm 2019 CSA Season
 Whats in your CSA Share this week You do not Need to bring you Boxes Back 
Winter Squash Acorn
Honey Crisp Apple 
Mixed Bag of apples  Honey Gold, Connel Red, Fire side, Empire.
Full Size Tomato
Potatoes ; Red & Yukon Gold
Bell Pepper
 “Know Your Farmer Know Your Food”
All Produce is available at the farm store Wednesdays 11am to 7pm
For those of you attending the Saturday Oct 5th Event please read The following info:
The 9th annual Country Taste Farm Customer Appreciation and U-Pick Final Harvest (Members, Employees and family only)
Saturday October 5, 2019: 12:00 Noon to 4:00Pm
Customer Registration and light Lunch 12:00noon to 1:00pm
We will serve Slope Joe on a bun, (baked potato bar) baked potato with condiments, and Beverage Fresh Apple Cider from our Apples starting at Noon till 1:00pm
U-pick Final Harvest will Begin at 1:00Pm  End At 4:PmCustomers may harvest from the 4 High Tunnels, Squash Wagon, Apple crates.  Field: Carrots, Potato and Pumpkin Field.
As we have a very large Group of Customers and to give everyone a fair chance to harvest, customers will provide their own boxes, bags, buckets. The use of wagons, Wheel barrows, etc will not be allowed. No early harvesting! Take what you can use but leave some for others.
As we are not a you pick farm Our insurance Company has issued a rider policy for this event but has put some restrictions on what we can do.
“The duration of the Event May not exceed 4 Hours. Driveway must be kept open for emergency vehicles. Parking and no parking areas will be marked. The Packaging and washing area along with the equipment may not be used as there is a concern about “training the general public” for its operations.  So please stay out of the areas marked with yellow caution tape. We will provide a sink and water hose for your use to rinse produce.”
Inherent Risk of Agritourism
Under Minnesota Law, a provider of agritourism activities is not liable for injury, damage, or death of a participant resulting from an inherent risk of agritourism. Inherent risks include: natural hazards and conditions of land, water and vegetation; behavior of wild, domestic, and farm animals; ordinary dangers or farm, ranch, processing, and other machinery, equipment and structures; and, other dangers or conditions integral to an agritourism activity. Participants assume the inherent risk of agritourism activities.
MINN.STAT,604A.20 (2016)
Thank you So Much for Your Support in the Country Taste Farm CSA we appreciate our customers and hope to improve every year. We are working hard to provide Farm Fresh, locally grown produce; many products that we use are approved for use in Organic growing systems.