Friday, December 27, 2019

Whats Happen At Country Taste Farm

Whats Happen At Country Taste Farm
The week After Christmas

Stockings at the fire place

We are Empty nesters except for the Cats, Shorty & Hairy. 
We went to my son Peter’s farm for the holiday this year, funny to say his farm when he was growing up he didn’t like farming at all. However he is in it up to his neck, running up to 1500 acres a year of crops. This fall I had the pleasure of helping with the harvest of his soybean crop 400 acres. I have never raised that many acres in one season the largest number of acres I grew was 30. Of course he has the most modern John Deere Combine with all the bells and whistles, It was fun to drive, but don’t worry I enjoy my CSA farming More.

The old one i own on the right the new one my son has on left
My youngest Son was also there with the grandchildren, I love my grandchildren so much two boys and one girl. Our family has a Challenge our grandson Corbin age 12 is being treated for brain cancer, he started at Children’s in St Paul were they successfully removed a large tumor, then was treated at the Mayo Clinic with radiation for some smaller Tumors, which was successful. The last part of his treatment is Chemo he has had two treatments so far, he needs several more. The chemo is the hardest part but they are scheduled to be complete by May 2020.
 Great News my son and his family are one of two families to be Selected to receive from the non profit Group "Best Christmas Ever" The Minnesota Vikings Football Team have partnered with BCE for the Past five years. The heart of the BCE movement is to lift up families who have fallen upon hard times due to no fault of their own, and bless them with an unforgettable Holiday. Coach Zimmer also took 20 children including my grandson for a shopping event at Dicks Sporting Good. The Children were given two Vikings players to help them shop. My grandson knows how much his Grandmother love the Vikings so he got a small helmet and had the player sign it, then he gave it to his Grandmother, such a loving grandson, Our thanks go out to all that have Made this a wonderful Christmas.
front row BCE folks then rest are family
and volunteers 
The huge pile of gifts  Corbin Was overwhelmed

 PS The doctors give him a very good chance of Survival.
I had cancer 12 years ago i had the shirts made
I shaved my head in support of my grandson

We have been so blessed with all of our members of Our CSA, Thank you all for your support. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year