Monday, January 20, 2020

Whats Happen At Country Taste Farm

Whats Happen at Country Taste Farm
The Winter Snow is Drifting over the High Tunnels.
Its 5ft to the seam

5 ft to the round pipe

The snow will melt and I have great news “Keepsake” Strawberries a brand-new release this year from the USDA! 
Keepsake has an excellent flavor, beautiful large berries, and competitive yields.  We are most excited for Keepsake’s shelf life, reported to be far superior to other varieties.  This means the fruit can be picked early in the week and will hold up well in cold storage until you’re ready to use them. Compared with other current strawberry cultivars and breeding selections evaluated after 2 weeks in cold storage, ‘Keepsake’ had a low proportion of degraded and decayed fruits. The proportion of fruits degraded at one week was 29 percent, lower than all the other cultivars. These fruits have outstanding flavor with very high soluble solids (sweetness) and moderate acidity (tartness). They also have a pleasing texture and are juicy when eaten. ‘Keepsake’ fruits are attractive with good size, color, gloss, and a showy calyx, or cap. They are firm and tough enough for handling during harvest and packaging. We hope that Keepsake will also hold longer on the vine. It has not been rate for hardyness zone looks like it will be Zone 3 of 4, we have some plants that are zone 4 that have survived.
We have been limited to order 100 plants this season, they will not produce berries until 2021. We continue to try new fruit and vegetable varieties each year.

Good Yields 

Core of the berry stay fresh longer

Large Berries

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