Monday, June 22, 2020

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  Frost Damage Before Bloom Thaddeus McCamant, Specialty Crops Management Specialist, Central Lakes College During:
 During the past week, fruit growers have been primarily concerned about heat, drought and wind, but problems caused by frosts in May continue to arise. Fruit set on many apple varieties is light and knowing if the light set was due to poor pollination or frost is important when preparing management plans for the future. Strawberry and blueberry producers are still trying to determine when frost protection is important before bloom. A series of hard freezes over Mother’s Day weekend caused damage to strawberry, apple, and blueberry flower buds. Two weeks later, a moderate frost killed unprotected strawberry blossoms. On Mother’s Day weekend, early blooming apples like Zestar were at early pink stage while Honeycrisp were still at tight cluster. Early blueberries like Polaris and Northblue were at the early pink stage while other varieties were at tight cluster. Strawberry buds were just emerging from the crown. The part of the plant most susceptible to frost .
We are seeing many of our Strawberries  with severe Frost damage. Also the apples have a reduced yield.

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