Monday, March 15, 2021

Whats Happen At Country Taste Farm


Tomato in # 5 pot

one row of tomatoes 

Tomato Plant Progress, These Plants were Started from Seeds Feb 15th 

We planted (360) Sweet Pepper, (72) hot pepper, (72) Marigold Flowers, (360) Broccoli and (144) Lettuce, Seed s in Flats.

We plant Marigold Flowers at the same time we Plant our Peppers, my Grandfather planted Marigolds all the way around his garden which he said keeps out rabbits and some insects. So I started planting them outside the High tunnels. I attended a class about organic insect controls, I told the young teacher about my Marigolds she said that it will not keep out insects but will help keep rabbits out. So the following year I did not plant them, my high tunnel was infested with aphids.  I have planted Marigolds right inside the tunnels ever since and have only a few aphids most of the time none. “The experience of hands on by my grandfather seem to work better than College, all thought he read the old farmer’s almanac faithfully”

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