Monday, April 26, 2021

Whats Happen At Country Taste Farm


full size tomato plants

Cherry tomatoes

cherry tomato plants as
 tall as me

The Tomato Plants are now as tall as I am wow. Tomato Plant Progress, These Plants are 11weeks old, started from Seeds Feb 15th  

Kale 2 rows on left 

Lettuce 4 rows

We have completed transplanting Kale and Lettuce in High Tunnel #3. 

We have planted cucumbers in Jiffy pots to give them a head start. Cucumbers don’t like their roots messed with that why we use jiffy peat square pots they are biodegradable the roots grow right thru them.

We will send CSA NEWS every week. Next CSA News May 3rd

“Know Your Farmer Know Your Food”