CSA information

Contact us at pc@countrytastefarm.com we will send you membership brochure & Membership application form.
What is a CSA?
Community Supported Agriculture
Over the last 20 years, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) has become a popular way for consumers to buy local, seasonal food directly from a farmer. Here are the basics: a farmer offers a certain number of "shares" to the public. Typically the share consists of a box of vegetables, but other farm products may be included. Interested consumers purchase a share (aka a "membership" or a "subscription") and in return receive a box (bag, basket) of seasonal produce each week throughout the Growing season. 
Shared Risk
 There is an important concept woven into the CSA model that takes the arrangement beyond the usual commercial transaction. That is the notion of shared risk. When originally conceived, the CSA was set up differently than it is now. A group of people pooled their money, bought a farm, hired a farmer, and each took a share of whatever the farm produced for the year. If the farm had a tomato bumper crop, everyone put some up for winter. If a plague of locusts ate all the greens, people ate cheese sandwiches. Very few such CSAs exist today, and for most farmers, the CSA is just one of the ways their produce is marketed. They may also go to the farmers market, do some wholesale, sell to restaurants, etc. Still, the idea that "we're in this together" remains. On some farms it is stronger than others, and CSA members may be asked to sign a policy form indicating that they agree to accept without complaint whatever the farm can produce.

 The “Country Taste Farm” model is to provide healthier food alternative direct to the consumer while assuring a market for the highly perishable produce. This relationship between Country Taste Farm and the consumer helps to build a Fresher and healthier local food system, the consumer and the farmer, share in the risk associated with natural farming as well the benefits of a bountiful season.
The benefits of buying produce directly from a local family farm are many: Your CSA membership funds stay in the local economy, the farmer uses labor intensive methods and reduced synthetic chemicals, you know where your food is grown, how your food is grown, and you know who handles your food. “KNOW YOUR FARMER KNOW YOUR FOOD” We at Country Taste Farm use Organic Sprays to Control insect Pests and Disease, we do however use some Synthetic Fertilizers. We invite you to visit the Farm, we send out  invitations dates each year to our members and other customers, or you can make an appointment for a special visit.
With the Country Taste Farm CSA  we offer 2 Sizes to choose from    1/4 Share (Full Peck one or two People)  1/2 Share (1/2 Bushel Family of 4)
Our Produce includes:

CABBAGE (Napa, Asian)
LETTUCE ( a wonderful lettuce blend)
ZUCCHINI Summer Squash

We try new types and varieties of vegetable each year and when they grow well they are added to your member share

Purchasing Information:
2022 CSA membership will include 16-18 weeks from June to October of a ¼ Share (¼ bushel), ½ share (½ Bushel),  of fresh, in-season produce.
CSA Membership  Pick-up option:
___ Farm Pickup Monday, thru Thursday 1PM - 7PM. 36463 Blackfoot ST NW Cambridge, MN 55008.   
___ ¼ Share Full Peck (feeds1-2) $265
 ___1/2 Share 1/2 Bushel (feeds 3-4) $400

___ Pick up at Cambridge City Center Market Tuesday 12Pm to 8Pm 
___ ¼ Share Full Peck (feeds1-2) $270
 ___1/2 Share 1/2 Bushel (feeds 3-4) $410

Delivery Routes:
___   We deliver to the city of Cambridge then to Blaine on Tuesdays:  area includes within one mile either side of Hwy 65 to Hwy10. Add $100.00 to membership.
___ Thursday Delivery, we travel hwy 47 south form Dalbo to ST Francis Then Anoka co RD 7 to Hwy 10 Anoka. Add $100.00 to Membership
___Special Delivery Routes available for Large Groups Call for Information

Delivery Fee:  Please Contact us for group Delivery Fee Pricing.
I understand as a CSA member I share in the risk as well as the rewards of the farm season.   I am   willing to accept the possibility that vegetable quantity and variety may vary due  to weather, pests, disease and other unforeseen factors.

How to Buy:
You can buy online www.countrytastefarm.com
We can Email you an Invoice that you can pay online.
Contact us at claypcfarm@q.com and we will send you a one page Membership Form that you can mail

Country Taste Farm 36463 Blackfoot ST NW Cambridge, MN 55008

 Memberships (Buy Early we have a limited number of shares and we close memberships when limit is reached) must be received on or before April 15, 2022. You will receive an email conformation of your order.

Cancellation policy: We will refund your Membership if we receive your cancellation request before the start of the season, Less 20% fee. The fee is for the seeds and other inputs we purchased preparing for your share. No Memberships will be refunded after the Season has begun.